Is Christmas over?? :(


Cant be, I havent gotten my IR monitor :slight_smile:

I win!
Brian Shriver
4014 Italy Hill Rd
Branchport, NY 14418
Size: Large

i hope not! not sure how long its suppose to last…

absolutely not!
But it sure did get quiet!

…or maybe i should say, ‘yes, yes its over!’ jk :wink:

I know! It’s messing with an OCD condition I didn’t know that I had!

No! It’ll come and go for a little while till it kicks in full swing. Stay tuned!

Yep… all done. Do not bother checking the board any more today…

its usually announced when it is done. There are times that there is a break to spread it out. for people coming and going.

Agree with Russell. Everyone can now log off and get back to work. Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

LOL, Ok. I guess it’s over… everyone carry on… :slight_smile: At least I figured out the auto refresh thing (in chrome) I was wearing out my mouse…

I have had 120 minutes of sleep due to a loooong report and this christmas nachi parade hangover. I just don’t think my eyes are going to make it. And everyone has super fast internet… the mountains are blocking my signal

Was wondering the same thing

I figured you would.
Don’t tell anyone.:smiley: