is concrete crack in the corners of new contracture

I’ve signed a contact with a builder to purchase a brand new home. I didn’t do any inspection and didn’t look closely before signing the contact. The sales person refused to put home inspection and appraisal contingency in the contact. It only has 30 day loan contingency. The house is due to close on next week.

During the final walk through today, I noticed there’re some cracks on all the 4 corners of the basement. I know cracks are common but it concerns me that the cracks happen at this early stage. The cracks are about 1/8 inch wide, with a little bit offset (not completely even on 2 sides). The builder told me he will have an structural engineer come to take a look next monday and give me a report. I’m guess they will probably fill the crack, but that’s not really solve the problem. It potentially leads to water issue in the future.

Should I really be concerned with the crack? If I’m not happy with the builder solution, can I back out of the contact? Need your advice.


Mr. Chen,

You need a qualified person or persons to represent your interests in the purchase.

Where are you located? Maybe someone in that area can be of assistance regarding a referral.

At this late date in the process, especially with what has transpired so far, you may need a real estate attorney quickly. :shock:

Good advise and listen to what the engineer has to say. No one here will be able to give you the proper advise without being there.
Good luck