Is Facebook down today

Is anyone else have FB issues? My LIKE button and links from my webpage are displaying weird characters today. I notice a couple other web site are displaying the same thing. Check out your web page to see if you have issues. I was going to redo my like button and links but going to wait to see if it is a FB thing.

is that known as “face down”

Not likely…
My daughter has been on her page all day…

Ok, I found what the issue is. It MS Explore 8. I checked my Like Button on two different computers with Explore and same problem, see characters below. When I use Firefox no issues. I checked other site of other NACH inspectors and the issue is with their site to if using Explorer 8.

��]y��Ɩ��?�9/ '@C���xM�q6ۙd���)���D/��w�߭E*I�mg^��e�Tݽ�V��<��������3O���K��,��

I have IE 8 and have had NO issues lately whatsoever.