Is HeroFi National Real Estate Company a scam?

Has anyone heard of or been approached by or is even associated with HeroFi? I was contacted by them to work as one of their “preferred inspectors,” but I’ve never heard of them before and I want to be cautious about any partnerships.

A quick Google search tells me that it might not be the best thing to get involved with.

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If they contacted you to be a “prefered” anything you can bes sure there is a FEE.

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I would ask a local realtor if this is a local real estate company, it seems unlikely that if you never worked for them previously, that they would pick you as their preferred Inspector, without actually working with you. Which points to a scam. My 13 years of experience says it a company never worked with you previously, and want advertising money, their only goal is your money


Yes, they reached out to me via linked-in a few days ago. I have not responded.

Excellent, Neil. We’re interested in using your services for our clients at our new real estate and mortgage company.

I’m connecting you with our VP of Operations, Rafael, and he can tell you more about our team and discuss your services. We don’t charge any lead or referral fees since we make money from mortgage and real estate services. We are nationwide and need dedicated inspectors in every county to handle pre-listing, new construction, and new purchase inspections. I’ve also attached a flyer here.

Please use this link to schedule a 15-minute call that works for you: HeroFi - Preferred Inspection Partner

They reached out to me as well and seemed very interested in getting me onboard. I can’t seem to find anything online about them at all. Has anyone found anything they can share? TIA.