Is it 5:00pm anywhere yet?

About time here :cool:

It is a party right :slight_smile:


Does it matter

It’s 5’o clock somewhere :mrgreen:

Five o’clock somewhere :mrgreen:

Sam you may need a little help.:wink:

“Pop a top again”;):slight_smile:

I normally miss something good trying to keep it fun :frowning:

Trust me I am just holding back a little while longer :slight_smile:

I good go for a good Bloody Caesar with my Canadian friends :slight_smile:

The United Kingdom

Bloody Caeser?

Bloody Mary seasoned salt rim and clamato Mmmmmmmm good.

I like the sounds of that. Why don’t you mix me one up?

My Wife does them almost as good as my Canadian “FAMILY”

It’s always 5 oclock on my house boat :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me. Do you really live on a house boat?

No i don’t live on it. I did live on for about6 weeks one time that was some of the best 6 weeks of my life. I caught a bunch of Muskies.

Sounds great. I just sold my 32 foot a/c pontoon boat :frowning:

What lake were you on with the muskies