Is it allow to convert a garage into a bedroom? it is Legal?

I was inspecting this house today and I found that this house garage was converted into a bedroom with a heating source for the air condition and no windows in the room, it is allow by code?

And I found this A/C handler lines and evaporator look like is tainted, could this be sign of Chinese drywall, the unit it was replaced by in 2007, I wiped my finger to the lines but no soot was coming off when wiped, I also check the electrical panel and all coppers wires are clean not tainted, only the A/C handler lines were a little dark, please I need your opinion.

Bedrooms need emergency egress. If there is only 1 way out of the room, then it can’t be a bedroom. No gas appliances in a bedroom (with some exceptions).

Normal rust appearing on the A-coil from condensation BTW is that a upflow or a downflow furnace



There is no window or door, well the garage door is behind the wall, they just block the door with the drywall to make the room, but the room is close, so it is allowed or not? because i need it to write it down on my report.

Home inspectors are not required to determine what rooms are used for, leave that to the appraiser and/or AHJ.

Aside from egress, windows and/or skylights and proper ventilation are required in a habitable room.

Habitable Rooms](

Have your client confirm, with the Seller, that the work was permitted and inspected by the AHJ when done. Or, do that for them for an extra fee. I sometimes use the following comment, modify to your situation:

Well I guess the seller is the bank, i am not sure, this is a vacant house.

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When done properly following the rules of the State it is done in.

Damn, I always have a different opinion.

My answer was just to the question not the situation.

Your situation does not appear to meet any likely codes.

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That A coil looks just like my brothers (who lives in Ft Myers) did. It was replaced every few years due to CHINESE DRYWALL. Chinese drywall is VERY common in homes in the southern Florida area. Recommend you have it checked out further.



You should recommend chineese drywall testing…:wink:

Sorry to say but the reason you have a differant opinion is it’s wrong. If there’s only one door, no other egress, it would have to be a closet.

It is only a bedroom if the appraiser says so. This determination is outside the scope of a home inspection.

Advise your client that there is insufficient egress to use the room for a bedroom and let them decide how to go from there.

As James said. we run into this a lot here

Sorry to tell you but I guess you just cannot comprehend my answer.

It is legal and allowed when done properly. Hope that helps you.

Hi guys:

I do flooring inspections, and see a lot of converted garages that have floor failures from moisture problems. This is because they do not consider that the slab was poured without a vapor barrier.