Is it just me or are you?

Is it just me or have the flood gates opened up for you too? Dec is going to be one HELL of a month…:p:p

Always gets busy just before Christmas at end of tax year.

There hasn’t been a notable “surge” in my area, but it’s been good and steady. I’ve completed 21 so far for the month and I’m booked solid through the middle of next week.

Happy Holidays :smiley:

Last 3 dec sucked the big one…so who knows…

I just had 3 postpone so they can get utilities on but that is my own doing.

Getting better…Was down in your area brian for 2 last week and now going to bay area for 3 more outa towners this week. Nice getting out of town stuff to go along with local.

We’re down to 32 home inspections this month, just enough to keep my 2 part-time inspectors busy.

Seems you’re making lots of $$$$$…why aren’t you a member here anymore. Waiting for a freebie?