Is it just me, or does the kid in this InterNACHI ad look adopted?


I think the milkman is a redheaded, very light skinned caucasian :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hey! Who approves this stuff any how?
Looks like a Photoshop Crop from one of those free html template sites… .LOL

Kind of looks like the guy and gal might be brother and sister also…:shock:

Lucky guy!!!

I hope Dad does not realize what you saw Nick…:slight_smile:
Mama told him it was his kid… Oh my.

Hmmmm. She looks familiar. I had red hair at one…oooops. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In your dreams… LOL…:mrgreen:

Adopting a white kid…thats different


Remember the one about the happily married couple who already had two beautiful daughters and the third kid was an ugly boy.

Man asked his wife if she’d been cheating on him. She said “Not this time!”

I’d adopt her, but it might upset my wife, so I’ll have to pass.

Remember, hair comes from maternal grandpa.