is it me....

Driving around the neighborhoods i see a whole lot of no name trucks doing renovations.

Aint it time for the g.c.'s to quit playing around and get to work.

Warm and Fuzzy

Most folks do not want to pay a G.C. when they can hire a hack handy man for a 1/4 of the price.

G.C.'s have tremendous overhead and must follow many rules and regulations./

Many cannot compete when price is the major issue. If the customer wants quality and is willing to pay then the story would be different. Many clients simply cannot afford to pay for things to be done by the law and properly so they cut corners where they can. That is one of the main reasons I only normally do new construction. Too much hassle and to little profit on the remodeling crap. A G.C. must make a certain % profit to be worth his time. Each and every job is a gamble and in today’s economical times the odds suck. A handy man only needs to pay for his material and what he figures his actual labor is worth.

I do like government telling us what to do and not do BUT in order to stop un-licensed activity, home and building owners who hire un-licensed, un-insured workers/companies need to be held accountable in some fashion.

my post was intended to bring light of the fact that it looks like work is picking up…o.k. maybe a little jab.

as a trained inspector my visual analysis is to be respected…

WARNING: Don’t try this at home

It will never happen.

Even those in the business go to the unlicensed guy who does it on the side or the weekend. Now days it is about cost to almost everyone. Even those who are well off wish to stay that way and will choose the one breaking all the rules if the quality is the same as the licensed guy.

Many huge builders are regularly hiring subcontractors at prices that cannot be obtained without breaking the rules in an effort to get the few remaining customers out there. They figure it is the sub that the government will go after and they are correct.

Unlicensed contractor providing services to homeowners in the state of Florida where the properties are under a contact for sale, are leased or are (flipping) intended to be sold eithin a year of puchase are subjecting their client-customer to a $5000.00 liability as that is the fine levied to the homeowner for hiring unlicensed personell to conduct repairs. Were I a licensed contractor I would be reporting unlicensed activity.

I’m a licensed general contractor and I intentionally requested that my name not appear on the public list of licensed contractors. I like to work with only people who were recommended to me. Not into wasting my time bidding jobs for every price-shopping yahoo.

Life is very short, you only have so much time in the day, take the gravy, leave the mashed potatoes.

OK, fine. does this have anything to do with my post regarding fines for clients imposed by the state for hiring unlicensed contractors? I don’t only always have my own best interests first in mind. If I always had, I’d be a good deal more financially enhanced.

the reason you have so many unlicensed people doing repairs/renovations is because all the GC’s are out looking to do home inspections.

it’s been my experience that G.C.s really don’t want the mom and pop jobs…

Most home owners use their network of friends to recommend tradesmen to do any repair work. the problem is when tradesmen go beyond their scope…or the job becomes to problematic for the tradesman.

Saw some guys in a truck yesterday on Easter, take done a palm tree with a circular saw’ in the pouring rain…no it wasn’t battery operated