Is it pronounced Toronto or Terono?

I’m trying to assimilate, eh? :smiley: .

Just call it “the big smoke”.

Nick !
I think you want to do or say anything perfectly right Eh.

Toronto is pronounced by most as Tor on toe

By those who where born there it is Tarana

Tar ana …So I say tarana.

Roy Cooke

AKA Hog Town!!!:roll:

Home of the NHL hockey team that just celebrated 40 years of not winning the Stanley Cup, hell, they didn’t even make the playoffs (again) this year.
Oh well, there is always next year.

My son is a strong supporter of the leafs.
I told him the last time they won the Stanley cup he was in Diapers and I expect the next time they win the Stanley cup he will be in Diapers again .

He did not think that was a very nice thing to say .
Thants Life… Roy Cooke

NICK - Tranna

My ol’pappy grew up in Cabbagetown aka Toronno!

I though hogtown was Sha cog o.

Its like Detroit, we pronounce it Detroilet. :mrgreen:

Chicago was known (maybe still is) “hog butcher to the world”. The part of Toronto referred to as " Hogtown" is apparently named after a prominent family that settled in the area.


It is pronounced ToronTo both “T”'s are pronounced. The only people that refer to Toronto as Torono [or by any other name]are people that don’t live here.
With one exception as Doug mentioned Toronto is also known as “Hog Town”.

Here is some info as to how Toronto received it’s name.


BTW A true Torontonian doesn’t say “eh”.


You are correct Cabbagetown is in Toronto, But Toronto was never referred to as Cabbagetown.
It was the poorest area in Toronto and is now one of the more affluent areas with home prices close to $1 Million. I think it works out to $100,000.00/square foot.:mrgreen: The homes are very small.
More About Toronto Web Link

Sorry Mario,
I have to disagree…
both T’s are supposed to be pronounced, but most of us are lazy with the second T, and therefore we say Teronno (and various other phonetic spellings). It’s okay, embrace it, love it, it’s who we are. I do agree with you on the “eh” thing though, very rare to hear it in TO.


I guess that we have to agree to disagree!!
I have been living in Toronto for 41 years and from experience the only people that refer to Toronto as Toronno are people that are not raised here.
True[real] Torontonians are not lazy!! :smiley:

Did I read the Toronto maple “laughs”?

And what many people do not know is Toronto has some of the best Salmon fishing in the world

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Roy Cooke