Is it safe to assume this is an AC drain line into the master shower?

This is actually the first time I’ve seen this. Is this a common install?

It is never safe to ASSUME anything. What was above the shower in the attic?


Good question. Could not access the attic unfortunately. Attic access was in garage and it was pretty packed!

After zooming in on the ceiling, was that an attic access? It looks like a panel that is screwed in.

Could be the air handler, the pipe is an emergency condensate overflow line.

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Yes, it is a plastic panel. The access to the attic is in the garage, opposite end of the home. I did not open that panel and suspet its where the ac system is sitting.

So does that mean you didn’t locate the A/C air handler?

Whatever it is, I would not want it to terminate into the shower… imagine some nasty discharge on your head while you’re showering. I would call it out 100% and let the client decide. It’s definitely “not” normal for my area :rofl:


Correct. Could not access the attic where the AC/Furnace is located.

It’s a local custom. Some areas have been doing it that way for decades.
Around here, they are like that in condos or lofts with ceiling style AHU’s.


Strange custom to say the least. It’s just an “easy” way to run it. If there was absolutely no other way to run it, I would recommend an alarm with a kill switch. Is a secondary drain a must no matter what, terminating in a conspicuous location in your area?