Is it worth it to buy the NHIE home inspection manual?

The national exam is not a requirement in my state so it has been low on my to-do list until recently. I’m looking for some opinions on whether or not it’s worth the $100+ to purchase the manual, in addition to other means of education (code check, articles, online courses, etc.)

The manual is a very good tool. I dont think I could have passed it without studying it. No other study aid, online practice test etc will be of much value. It all comes from that book and most of it is of little value, but its what is on that particular test. Read it cover to cover, twice!

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Shannon …

For 10 yrs we have held a 1 day study session for the NHIE in the Kansas City area. As study aids we use CodeCheck, the InterNACHI online test, the InterNACHI & ASHI Standards-of-Practice and Russ Burgess’s “Mastering the Home Inspection Profession” book.

We’ve only had 2 people that did not pass the NHIE

To me it would be a waste. By the way I was on the ASHI board when we set up the NHIE

I passed the test without it after using much of the free information available on Internachi. I got about 80% right which was lower than I expected but enough to pass. If you don’t need it to pass the test I wouldn’t buy it, on the other hand education is never a waste of ones time.

Ya “gotta” spend money to make money in any business. Soooo…Hell yes…spend the money. Although debatable by some… the NHIE is considered as a highly recognized standard qualification testing program of the Home Inspection Industry.

Your not “spending” your “investing in yourself”.