Is MAC a problem

I’m not a computer guru so to some this may seem like a dumb question.

First, I use HomeGuage, The reports are posted on my web site, Clients sign in and download report (pdf).

I’ve never had a problem until today. Client has a Mac pc and she said when she gets to the report it will not let her download or open the pdf file.

Before I dig deep I’m wondering if it’s a Mac problem.


She must down load a PDF reader for the mac

This is one of the problems of using PDF files – Some people do not know enough about their computers to down load and read files

Might have to hand deliver, fax or maybe overnight mail

I had one client went to the public library to down load and read a pdf file

Where there is a will there is a way

Just to make sure - try it your self on your computer even though it is not a mac

Real problem is that all this running around is sort of our problem that we do not get paid for. It cuts into productive time like reading the NACH BB and watching beer cool

Good luck –


You might want to check with HomeGauge on the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader she needs in order to read the report . . . on the PC side, I had a client with similar issues, after working with them for about a half hour, discovered the version was 5.0, and Adobe is on 8.1 (or something) and the client need 6.0 as a min. to read the PDF file.

Hope this helps, mike