Is my A/C evaporator broken?


I have a Carrier air conditioner with the model # 38EH0363300L. My evaporator is an R22 model.

Recently, there was water on the floor around the A/C. An A/C repairman came to the house, performed an examination, and said that the evaporator has a crack in it and needs to be replaced.

We cleaned up the water.
About 4 - 5 days later, once again there was water in the vicinity of the A/C.

So, is there a problem with the evaporator? Or could there be a problem with something else?

Can the A/C still be used with this problem? Or should we replace the evaporator right away?

Thanks for any information.

Try cleaning the drain out.

Check to see if it is iced over also

Need more information than that…

Can’t do a service call over the internet with “I have water on the floor”…

There is 2 dozen reasons for water on the floor.

Scan and post his service peperwork.

Blow back through the a-coil drain hose/line. There may be a blockage in the drainage tray drain inside the a-coil drainage tray. It is the drain that comes out of the duct above your furnace for the a-coil hose/line. Make sure the a-coil drain hose/line to the floor drain is not blocked.

See this alot. This line/drain must be kept clean/clear, or moisture from the a-coil drainage tray will over-flow into your furnace/electronics.

And while you’re at it check for:
dirty evaporator coil
cracked condensate pan
unit not level
low refrigerant charge
restricted airflow from the blower
dirty filters
closed supply registers
collapsed air duct
detached cabinet insulation
construction filter left in the air handler unit
condensate drain line buried in the ground
condensate drain line not properly supported in the crawlspace
improper manufactured condensate drain trap
excessive negative pressure in the air handler
excessive dirt in the bottom of the evaporator coil pan
uninsulated suction refrigerant line
defective condensate pump
somebody unplugged condensate pump to use the outlet
GFCI breaker tripped on the condensate circuit
humidifier not turning off


Call a different HVAC service company for a second opinion.

Best advice LOL

Probably meant that the evaporator drain pan/tray has a crack. The replacement part may not be available for older units.

I agree with others who have stated to follow his advice or get a second opinion.

JMO & 2-Nickels … :wink:

Kinda what I thought when he posted the info…

Also… if water is getting on floor, it’s likely doing other things to furnace/fau parts, if applicable.