Is Only A Contractors License Needed?

I might be wrong, but don’t you need to be a licensed inspector also?

It depends who you ask, contractors have a year to be grandfathered(again).

Do I currently need a license to perform home inspections?

A license will be required after July 1, 2010;however, Florida Statutes provide that unlicensed activity will not be enforced until July 2011.

It’s after July 1st, grandfathering has nothing to do with it.
Just call
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They’re very caeful not to say “home inspection” or claim to be home inspectors. But they may have goofed on one page that says they do “pre-sale inspections”. I guess we’ll have to see.

Doug is right, the only thing grandfathering has to do with it is confusion.

That is one of the reasons I asked. His site says “Pre Sale Inspections”.

In my opinion… it doesn’t matter what they ‘say’… it’s what they ‘do’!

Not a HI and not a CGC; thought CBC did not qualify for wind mits???

The front page says HOME and building inspection, unless he is not getting paid:D
They have an extended time to get grandfathered, not to work around the July 2011 enforcement dead line. still need to be licensed to do the inspection for compensation

You imply that someone would enforce it now:twisted:

Indeed, that’s the problem.
No one from DBPR is going to go looking for violators, they only act after a complaint is filed and then it usualy has to be by a party that has suffered some sort of damages before. They are extreemly slow to act on competitor complaints.