Is Regulation coming to California????

Anyone have any “intel” on any legislation coming to California? I am really surprised that regulation hasn’t hit our field yet…

I also wonder what the State requirements will entail, will you have to belong to an association? Pass a State Exam, etc. etc. and will present inspectors be grandfathered from having to complete such requirements…?


Is regulation coming to California?*


Is regulation coming to California?

Only if you allow it to.

I guess the answer is probably just a matter of “when”…

Only if you want it to be.

its all about politics…

That’s why politicians write 'em.:wink:

Sometimes it is also about one group attempting to get the upper-hand over another group and sometimes its about an all out attack on civil rights in an attempt to provide a false sense of security to unnamed victims from crimes that have yet to be committed.

Join the conversation here or just get some insight on what might be on the way for California.