Is removing one's name from the Find an inspector

all that needs to be done to make sure it does not show up on any of nachi’s search features?

Don’t know. Why, what’s up?

In the member’s only area, under the find your your inspector status… if you hit “the remove me from the find an inspector listing temporarily” link yes it should.

I already removed that one Gerry, I was wanting to know if it will automatically remove me from all of the inspector listings? Thanks

Just retiring Greg.

Hey Ken- we can make you invisible so that you don’t show up on any search engines…let me know and I can do that for you.

If you are over 55 you are already invisible to women.:wink:

Hmmm guess I got 4 years of fun left in me:twisted:

Speak for yourself, Doug.


You are foolin yourself…If Huge Hefner were a greeter at Wal-mart do you think the “girls” would have anything to do with him? :eek:

Relax…it could be fun, Joe. :smiley:

Invisible man (Small).jpg

Why? Do you know something I/We don’t?

Just curious if your thinking about SEO & link popularity.

Not sure of what you mean, I will call you on Monday. thanks, Kenn