Is SEO Dying

Article by Google:

Which makes Referrals much more important than a website, in my mind anyway.

I don’t pay any attention to my websites any longer, I may completely do away with them in the coming year, probably just keep one website online for basic reference if someone wants to see credentials or pay online, I really don’t think I get any calls from anyone besides referrals, so no loss, no gain.

Busy everyday of the week, did 24 shaq inspections and 15 small commercial buildings last month myself, I don’t recall any new customers or anyone saying they found me online, but my sites could be on page 10 for all I know, haven’t checked in 6-9 months.

I believe referrals are the best method available for a successful company.

Keep in mind that people often research referrals online. I know I do. I trust no ones opinion but my own. Keep at least your primary site. People like to know that you have a website. Adds to your legitamacy for some reason. People are funny like that.

Yes, SEO, and ways of measuring change constantly, a well established site will remain towards the top. Get involved in the Google+ program, which takes virtually no time to be active, and it will help keep your site up there.


Hey guys, I am not agreeing with the article…I do agree with Jeff keep your site up and running most people check me out via which gives a link to my site. Google adwords rates are killing me $$$, so I am looking at alternatives. I am in the sticks though, so different stroke for me to city living!

Along with every HI being able to read some quick tips to FLOOD THE INTERNET and some of the Local resources… the internet has HUGELY changed in the last year.

I’m with Dale, the INTERNET IS LESS VIABLE, at least right now. It’s flooded, almost ruined in some regard for the HI business.

Do I receive some internet calls? Sure, but even the caller will tell you they muddled through a bunch of folks that are well… you can figure it out.

Some markets may be different, if you are in a small town, your results may be different than that of a large metropolis.

Having said that, I think an internet presence is very much needed, but if you think you can have a SEO super duper web site and your phone is going to ring in this economy… think again.

What are the points of these types of programs if business’s that are supposed to receive this feedback from it’s customers are receiving it from LINK EXCHANGE PROGRAMS from similar business’s??

Then, we’re back in a few months to a bunch of muddled services for an un-assuming customer, of which like we have now. Which, in turn provides less viable, accurate information for the consumer.

Just a thought… or two.

A website is important but also as Dale says in the end it’s all about people and referrals.

Agents have always enjoyed the HomeGauge report as I hear from many inspectors. This is a form of branding that HomeGauge has used for years and agents would see an attractive report see the Homegauge logo and look for inspectors using it. Now with other software and attractive reports popping up, this branding has faded somewhat too and we have actually debranded our buyer’s page of HomeGauge and made it all about the home inspector with more unique features coming soon. HG users that allow buyers to rate or “Gauge” the inspector can now have those testimonials automatically update on their website.

Its great when a customer searches the internet finds a home inspector and pays for the inspection and to have that happen as the norm is awesome. The problem is that things change and the inspector needs to be thinking about what is happening around them. Social media and one stop shops, big companies trying to take over the little company by providing all the services the customer needs one way or another. That’s why at HomeGauge we are changing too, displaying the inspector as a “Full Service” company with the HG network of service providers, offering one year Home Warranty that cover non detected pre-existing conditions, programs like ADT and more to come. The home inspector needs to be the one stop shop for the buyer and with our TRM “Time release messaging” that triggers email campaigns or promos designed by the inspector can keep the trusted relationship with the buyer alive and strong and can create a repeat business environment with their customers.

Interesting article. As Matt Cutts (he’s one of the main search engine guys that the public see who works for Google) points out, search engine optimization will be around for a long time, it’s just constantly evolving.

I encourage everyone to get heavily involved in Google+ and Facebook as Google will be looking more and more to social networking to affect rank. It is already interjecting your Google+ friends into search results which is VERY important. If you’re not involved in Google+ your site rank will be affected. Make sure you are getting Google Reviews on your Google Places listings as well.

If you’re not updating your site with blogs, videos and other interactive tools, your rank goes down. Get involved with your site and your online presence!

Nice reply if I am looking to buy your software Russ but what does this have to do with the subject?

We are talking SEO here,not software.
Even Newland must be shaking his head.:slight_smile:

Dom I hate Facebook so much but I understand where you are coming from.
It seems we need to blog and show usefulness to the community for Google to rank us properly.

Glad there are alternatives.

Read this link to understand and note the replies such as this one…

*why does Facebook have to be so creepy about it?

because the Facebook business model is creepy … Mark Zuckerberg and his noxious sister are creepy*

Facebook is like the commercial version of what the spook fascists want: total monitoring of everyone all the time

I just signed up with and there is more direct communication such as Active Rain.

My sites have been dropping lately and it is due to lack of social networking more than likely so thanks for the tips as always Dom.

I’ve only got 3 sites on page 1 for chicago home inspector. I haven’t posted anything on Facebook in months and get Google + requests from time to time. If I do more with Google and Facebook will my other sites make it to page 1 ?

Yup, don’t forget link exchanges and add blogs too.

Well…I was talking about HG Services not my software and as my comment began about Dale’s comment that SEO is important, but you need to do other things too regarding people and referrals

Russ, you have provided a fantastic product for the home inspection industry long before many here even knew what a home inspection was. Keep up the good work and just ignore the ignorant.:wink:

Only at your comment…:roll: ;-). HG Services makes perfect sense for this topic.

Hi Jeff

Oh, I understand, I will keep one website online, but I really don’t care about them any more, my business is all referrals, I’m just swamped with work…even have a $1,150.00 2000 sf house on Thanksgiving Day the lady begged me to inspect, she only has a five day due diligence and I can’t inspect it until Thanksgiving, so I told her for eleven hundred I would inspect it.

But I’ll charge her my normal fee, tell her Happy Thanksgiving, I’ve inspected numerous income properties for her, so I surely wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. She is in need an inspection and is willing to pay any amount if I can do it before Friday. Past clients, referrals, that’s what this business is about…but as you know, it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes many years.

Anyone starting in the business better have a website, and everything else known to mankind to offer. I’m surely blessed with a huge client base who continually refer me to others…so my “need” for a website is over with.