Is that right?

Just watched a rerun of Holmes on homes, and he said “No permit, no permit, no permit…don’t buy the house”. Is this something that an experienced HI would put in their report? If so, would you highlight the NO PERMIT part, or the DO NOT BUY?

Please do not pay any attention to the television actor and the things he says.

Some jurisdictions have permit info on file, many do not. I do permit research for a fee and it is spendy. Hourly rate from the time I leave my house until I return. You never know if you will get stuck at the AHJ for 20 minutes or 4 hours.

Report what you see in an unbiased manner. Plain and simple.

For one, he is in Canada, makes money from his show, and is not compliant with associations like ours when it comes to a home inspection (within the standards of practice).

An “experienced” home inspector would watch Holmes only for pure entertainment, comedy relief, and nothing more. He’s paid as an actor, not as a professional home inspector.

No. It’s not typical and certainly not in any SOP. Holmes is an actor/construction organizer/tv personality and represents about .1% of what a home inspection is. Meaning, he is at a house.

If you know how to do it, have coverage for it and aren’t scared of it then more power to you.

Really , His show is not the real way to Inspect? Now i have to get rid of the sledge and 20 staff Members? dang

I guess you can fire everyone, but keep the BIG HAMMER! its fun to use, try the FUBAR also a good one to destroy everything with extreme prejudice.