Is the IRC wrong?

I have climbed
many a 16 x 20
for 240 feet
chemical vessel
in a confined spaced
with supplied air

knowing that a Paramedic
would produce little
if any consequence

if a health need arised

for those not knowing

no worries
was a part of the position…


OSHA only applies to employees
What a Stupid Owner is willing to do
is of no consequence…

A Dead Owner
does not count…

Only those Employed…

Just be aware that R807.1 specifies a rough framed opening size at 30x22, whereas M1305.1.3 specifies a clear opening size of 30x20

I thought the same thing.
1 foot 4 inches by 1 foot 8 ,you would have to grease up the home owner to get them through that hole.

I understand. But the rough frame opening of 30 X 22 attic access should be a clear opening anyway, and not obstructed. If it is obstructed, or less than 30X22, I will assume the conservative postion, and write it up in the report as deficient.

Think about it in the context of a set of attic pull-down stairs. The frame opening needs to be 30x22, however the clear opening (i.e., the space between the hinges, springs, brackets, trim, etc.) needs to still be be at least 30x20 AND large enough to accommodate the largest piece of equipment.

Very nicely put Mr.Evens.
I lack the skills to visualize certain questions sometimes.
It all comes with practice.
Nice work, I can see it now.

Canadian Wood Frame House Constrution:

"The area of the hatch must be at least 3.4 sq. ft (0.32 sq. M) with no dimension
less than 21-1/2 inches (545mm)