Is the mayor of Toronto the best or what?

So funny.

He see’s nothing wrong driving drunk or reading a news paper while driving.
Texting on the phone while driving .Ok for him to use Coke and other drugs send his staff out for vodka He is a usless bully .

New “Nick” name for him Nick!
The Toronado:shock::shock::shock:

The man is sick.

Do you think he’ll be Prime Minister?

No f in way .

Although this is funny and is providing entertainment for most it is kind of sad To see A man self-destruct.I hope he gets help and steps down.

He’s perfect for Canada.

He certainly appears to need plenty of Canadian healthcare. :wink:

And he will get it , surely amazing isnt it . No worries there.

Its amazing that he hasn’t been locked up yet.

Maybe he is still waiting in line for access to mental heath providers.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wayne and Micheal do you remember the Toronado!:wink:

You sure have a phobia about our medical coverage .

Not at all.

All you good socialists are likely to need plenty of healthcare. Good for you.

I hope you send thank you letters to the taxpayer that pay your bills.:shock:

You seem to feel we in Canada are wrong .
Well sorry for you Michael it is working pretty good thank you .
All Canadians get coverage .
Yes it is covered by the Canadian tax payer.


Thank goodness for this guy! He makes our politicians look almost normal in comparison…

Yep, right up until it doesn’t.

It ends up being one giant ponzi scheme. Every time.

Yeap. :slight_smile:

He just needs some tough love.

Looks like at 60~ years is doing OK