Is the mayor of Toronto the best or what?

Yep 60 years it never last will is it lolololol

Ponzis can last longer than most think.

BUT they always end the same.

Someone gets the short straw and looses everything.

Mike you keep asking for facts why do you not present some facts .

The Canadian system is working and you can not seem to except that.

**From: The Rheumatologist, February 2012 ](

A Comparison of the Canadian and U.S. Healthcare Systems

Rob Ford is in no way a proper representation of Canadians. We smoke pot and drink beer, not crack and vodka.

I’m not kidding.

Read it and maybe you will begin to realize you are literally stealing from those that come after you.

And now we have a Republican Coke head for him to hang out with…I just had to open my mouth :wink:

Michael, come on. I am literally laughing out loud. How can you judge Canadian health care? I am not well versed on American politics or your health care……………wait……………………your health care system is severely broken. Never-mind.

Yes it is. And we are apparently making it worse.

It is what it is.

Socialism doesn’t work because eventually you run out of money if you intend to maintain benefit levels.

Canada is not a socialist country , your such a putz.:neutral:

Oh yes it is.

This is country is becoming one too.

And your a fool for not seeing it.

I feel great Michael says Canada’s system is doomed .
Looking at Michaels record of always being wrong tells me Canada is doing great .
And will continue to do well like it has and still does .
Thanks Michael for your continuing to be wrong .

Its a math thing Roy. You wouldn’t understand.

It fails everywhere its tried.

You might be long gone but it will fail.

Good night Mike, sleep tight and don’t think about Canada or Roy tonight. LOL

WE are fortunate in Canada , Most Canadians are like me and have great faith in what we have and what we do.
I hope you read the last post where it shows how many traveling Americans put a Canadian flag on their back pack because they know how well Canadians’ are respected in many foreign countries .
We welcome all and if this helps to keep them safe great .
That’s the Canadian way…


People like you, Michael is what makes up the world. We accept your opinions, but do not actually taken as the gospel. You been wrong before and will be wrong again however it gets people discussing alternatives. Keep up the good work. I’m sure Reagan and Bonzo looking down on you. Keep living in the 50s, if that’s where you want to be.

Chris Farley

You sound kinda whiny this morning.

Opinions are easy.

The hard work is coming to one while actually thinking instead of using emotion.

There is no free lunch.

Larz has Chicken Little Syndrome… The sky has been falling since the 50’s to him. Funny thing is up to this hour, it hasn’t fallen yet. I love when people struggle with evolution.

And some of you think its OK to steal from someone else to fund your life.

So what a about the guy that is less well off than you?

Will you just surrender when he decides he wants your wallet?

Wake up.

Michael ,you have no idea what you are talking about Canada is doing fine thank you .many countries in the world including the USA would love to be as well off as we are.
Your jealous, defeatist attitude is showing again .