Is the NEC accessible on a PDA?

For ready and quick NEC references for finding answers in the NEC while in the field, is there a PDF or word version of the NEC available that will fit onto a PDA?

Although, I have my own methods I will appreciate hearing from others.

At one time I thought that the Franklin Company was developing something alone these lines.


Not sure I follow you. I have the 2002 and 2005 NEC in PDF form.

I also have a few quick reference guides on it as well, I even have the 2005 NEC Handbook on it as well.

I also made a quick guide from some of Mr. Holts material as well which you are most certainly welcome to if you would like it.


I was looking for input here that would call attention to any software or files specifically developed for use on a handheld devicem Palm, etc., and a PDA is a Portable Document Assistant, that is what I am looking for.

I have the PDF files you mention, and the files you developed sound interesting. Can they be loaded onto your FTP site, or sent to me for my archive’s as offered.

Actually Joe they are probably petty and not worth your valuable time…chances are they are poorly done and are not nearly qualified enough to be on your PDA.

Sorry I bought it up…:wink: