Is the new board especially slow...

…or is it just me?:-k

I am experiencing way more drag between clicks than usual.:shock: :sad:

Anyone else?

Yes, I’ve noticed that as well.

I noticed that too. I just thought that it was me “resistant to change”

I’m glad to see that it’s not only me.

I have “high speed cable” and I’m realizing that this MB is very slow.

I have dsl and its slow

Ditto, it’s definitely slower than the old one. On cable modem here.

I have cable too and am finding it takes a minimum of 20 seconds to get to the next window when I click on reply, quote, thread, etc. :frowning:

Sometimes it takes more time than that.:shock:

We’re going to lose a lot of dial-up member participation I think.:-k

Any chance of speeding the board up?

Same here, I also have cable high speed service.

Yep, slow here too. But it seems to work faster in Firefox than in IE.

Yes. Me too. I have dial-up. I have been told that Chris is already aware of the problem.

My cable modem is slow as well

Slow on this end as well, with a cable modem.


hmmm…I have dial up… ( ok I can hear the ribbing now )…and seems to work fast enough to me. I am using AOL browser which I think is IE anyway.

Remember all those little pictures next to everyones names. And all those other little inconvenient files on each page.

Your computer normally downloads these once and stores them for future use allowing faster times for page display.

With all the new stuff, it’s having to download almost everything each time, until you list is repopulated with the new stuff.

Give it awhile.

Erby, will my list repopulate on its own or are there settings that I need to consider?

Works fine for me. I have dialup. Use Mozilla Firefox browser.

I am using Broadband / cable and Firefox, mine appears to be operating normally.

AOL is Netscape

For all you FireFox users, you are correct…This MB does load much faster utilizing the FireFox browser, but if there are attached images within any of the posts, they will not be clearly visible. All you see is an X, which means you have to upload or click on the image individually.

Example…you can see the following image with IE but not FireFox.