Is the writing for OAHI on the wall?

A recent missive to all OAHI Inspectors for a Special Members Meeting (which failed to reach quorum) stated

"Open forum discussion on meeting with Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) took place. The president informed the members present that at the meeting with MGCS, they had invited OAHI to disclose the fact that they were repealing the OAHI Act Pr158— the act that established OAHI. With the information provided by the LHI Committee and other resources— Rob Cornish (Vice –President), Earnscliffe Strategy Group, and Murray Parish (President)— were able to convince the Ministry representatives that it would be an unwise position for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to take in regards to the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and Act Pr158.
At that time, a request by the MGCS was made that the meeting and items discussed were to be kept confidential. The president agreed to this condition, but made members aware that it would be disclosed at the Special Members meeting.
In order to keep OAHI at the table with the provincial government regardingBill 165 An Act to Regulate Home Inspectors, OAHI needs your vote to allocate funds ($60,000) from the reserve fund to retain the Earnscliffe Strategy Group.
To proceed we [FONT=&quot]must receive a reply to this message by Tuesday June 14, 2016 at noon.[/FONT]
Please reply to **[FONT=&quot] **with one of these statements:[/FONT]
Option 1
YES [FONT=&quot]I agree to to allow OAHI to retain Earnscliffe Strategy Group to act as a lobbyist for OAHI regarding Bill 165, an Act Regulate Home Inspectors.[/FONT]
**OR **

Option 2
No I do [FONT=&quot]not agree to allow OAHI to retain Earnscliffe Strategy Group to act as a lobbyist for OAHI regarding Bill 165 an act to Regulate Home Inspectors."

This appears that OAHI are prepared to raid their “Reserve Fund” just to keep OAHI alive and kicking, with still no guarantee of “control” of the profession.

For my Calculations, if they were repeal the OAHI Act, and “raid the $60,000” from their reserve fund giving it to members, each member would get $150 back (assuming 400 members).

Far better value, in my personal opinion, than paying a lobbyist for no effective gain. And a possibility that more might be available in this magic reserve fund than just the $60,000.

Food for thought.

Interesting Thanks for the post… Roy

It will be interesting to see the rest of the story.

So what I get out of this is that even if they lobby, their RHI status may be nothing when licensing comes in because that will be the recognized designation “Licensed Home Inspector”
JMO but hardly worth the risk of $60,000.00

I think, what they are lobbying for is to stop the government repealing PR158. If they do that, then OAHI in it’s present for ceases to exist.

What they could do is open up shop as CAHPI-Ontario by creating a Letters Patent NPO and tie directly into CAHPI, but I believe there has been strong antipathy internally for doing that in the past.

I understand why the Govt. would want to repeal PR158, as in the current form, OAHI stands in the way to opening up the “Licensed Home Inspector” to being the regulation required for Labour Mobility across Canada.

This is no different to what has happened in the past to other Private Members Bill created associations when government regulation is brought in.

If I was in the position OAHI are in now, I would accept their impending fate and use the finances for succession planning, rather than burning through members money to try to persuade the government to do something it’s never done in the past.

I seriously think they might be on a fools errand.

Interesting…on another note, I see that CAHPI BC has renamed itself as “Home Inspectors Association of BC” (HIBAC). It also notes that the members voted to cease affiliation with CAHPI National, which would seem to make the name change as a new identifier.

Further info may be obtained at:

This certainly raises many questions; so I also recommend reading about their history link.

I wish them well!