Is there a membership roster?

One that includes company names? Preferably a listing organized per company name. Trying to pick a name and don’t want to duplicate one already here. Thanks

Google the names you’re thinking about and see what comes up.

I’d see if I could get the URL with the name before I did anything.
See if its available here…

You should check your state too to see if the name you want is not already registrred .

We compiled a list of home inspector company names here:

Also, a list of our visible members can be found here:

Thanks, that’s the link I was looking for. Many similar to what I have in mind, but nothing the same in California. Now I just need to check for the corporate name in California. I have the domain name already.
Thanks everyone for your input.

Unless the name is federally trademarked (highly unlikely, but I can search for you if you need help with that)… as long as you are unique for your state, you can use a name that another inspector has in another state.

Thanks Nick. I checked the Federal database, it’s not trademarked. But this has gotten me to thinking. I think I’ll trademark my name and logo after I get it set up.

You only need to trademark it if you don’t like someone in another state using it.

Wouldn’t it also give me the ability to take it with me if I relocate to a different State?

There’s a roster, and apparently someone has taken the time to copy all of the emails.

This at least the third scam email I and everyone else has received in the last two weeks under the disguise of InterNachi.

Gmail has been putting them in my spam folder.

Yes. Or should you want to open multiple offices or franchise, etc.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to trademark your name before someone in another state has a problem with you using the same name they are using?

There’s that too. I know a bee keeper that changed his name because some guy in Florida sent him a cease & desist. Even though they were in different markets.

I would have told that guy to “mind his own beeswax” :cool:

He changed his name, email, and domain name. He didn’t want to fight it. He figured it was cheaper just to give in.

he could have ignored it and likely no one would have pushed the issue

Company names, corporate filings, DBAs, etc., are all done at the state level. So absent a federal trademark, there can be 50 companies in 50 different states all having the same name.

I filed for a Federal Trademark just to protect myself. Easy to do yourself, and only $275.