Is there a more annoying "color" commentator than Mitch Albom?

Watching the Tigers-Twins playoff. Mitch Albom - at first I thought it was Christopher Walken - is the color commentator. Eeesh. What a magpie! He’s got me thinking fondly of John Madden.

:mad:Kieth Oberman. He’s the reason I don’t watch NBC pregame/halftime ect…

I stand corrected.

Nobody, but nobody beats Mr. Obvious… Joe Buck.

Buck is not a color commentator but . . . he is kind of annoying in a way that I can’t quite put my finger on.

He’s definitely no Jack Buck who could make workman-like observations like “Well, [Greg] Landry may not be the best quarterback in the NFL but he’s certainly the best ever to come out of [the University of] Massachusetts” as Greg was doing a yeoman-like job of moving the talent-deficient Detroit Lions down the field.

More annoying? The aforementioned Keith Olberman, Chris Berman, Chris Collinsworth and Michael Kay. Perhaps all aren’t color commentators, but if they aren’t worse, they are certainly on the same level! :roll:

I actually think that Collinsworth is the absolute best color commentator . . . of all time. He is certainly the most objective.

He used to do ND games and regularly savaged the Irish . . . but I could find no fault with his observations.

Berman is extremely entertaining - “Bert ‘Be home’ Blyleven” - “pass to Horton, he hears a Who!” Got to love him.

Yeah, well, I liked John Madden, I mean…Boom! :D:D:D

I got tired of Bermans nick names fifteen years ago, and although I agree with you that Collinsworth is correct, his arrogant nature leaves me cold and not thinking about his observations. But, when he was doing the ND games, it was easy to be critical. Hopefully that won’t last much longer…

Madden was the most annoying of all color commentators, the true master of stating the obvious. “If the Falcons can get it into the end zone, that’ll be a touchdown and they’ll score six points . . .”

From your lips to God’s ears.

Believe it or not Albom has a daily radio show and newspaper column. He’s as obnoxious as Rush Limbore.

Who’s Rush Limbore?

Must be the liberal version of “Rush Limbaugh”…:wink:

Just had to mute the Twins-Yanks broadcast. Albom is preternaturally annoying.