Is there a real need for Commercial Inspections?

Bill Warner and I were having breakfast with Nick and Chris this morning.

Nick asks, …Dale, how much of a need is there for commercial inspections?

About two seconds after Nick asked the question SMOKE started to flow from an air conditioning duct right above Nicks head, we could smell wire burning.

I’m not making this up folks, strike me dead, the God honest truth, I couldn’t believe I was watching smoke billowing from the air condition register about two second after Nick asked the question.

We left the restaurant, I could hear sirens walking back to the house Nick rented.

Classic, guess the question was answered by example… Guess maybe next time the question might be how much demand is there as need was just established…:slight_smile:

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I heard your mom runs some kind of commercial inspection marketing company?

well, maybe, the financial investment and livelihood of folks makes the effect greater. I’ve done very few though. Not sure folks think of having an inspection when buying property for business as much. Many commercial; properties seem to be one of two categories:

retail or service oriented where needs and systems are similar to that of a home owner, I’ve done a bunch of these:
CPA, small family dr. offices, small shops…, small retail plaza, smaller resturaunts

big manufacturing or large corps, I haven’t gotten any of these, but I have already cemented a relationship with a team if the need arises, structural engineer, master electrician, master plumber, even a solar power/commercial energy consultant.

The first type is relatively easy, the second, many businesses of this nature have a contractor or firm they already use for these needs.

God’s honest true story!!! It couldn’t have played out better if we had planned it all out with a special effects artist… :smiley:

It was God reminding us that a worldwide commercial inspection industry needs to be developed to protect people and property.

would an inspection have stopped the issue from happening? probably not, if it wasnt smoking on the day of the inspection

Thermal Imaging could have possibly found a defect in wiring prior to failure, this is the purpose of Thermal Imaging, to find defects before failure, loss of life occurs.

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So why do you sell Home Inspections?
You obviously can’t catch thing during an inspection!

What do you think an HVAC Inspection does in the Commercial application?

We know it’s not part of a Home Inspection.

Around here the only way to go is to bring in a team.
My take is with commercial you gotta have good networking.

Would not even think about it till I decide to go thermal.

Doing what you guys consider commercial when I do multi unit rental buildings but we call it residential.
Sometimes with commercial store fronts attached at street level.