Is there a service that is offered for diverting water away from cracked foundations?

That was a question we were asked today while doing a Real Estate Seminar. It turns out that a couple of agents had heard about something like this, but it was new to us. Has anyone heard of anything like this?


Diverting water away from cracks? On the exterior I presume?

Wouldn’t that be the same as excavation and waterproofing plus drain tiles?

On the interior, I am familiar with epoxy injections that are effective and carry long warranties. But they don’t divert the water away, they just prevent it from penetrating.

Maybe a moat?

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A moat doesn’t divert water?

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A moat doesn’t divert water,it is a body of water that usually surrounds a building,[castle] in no way does it divert it.

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Dig a trench and use pumps. :wink:

It is called a dewatering system .
I just inspected a home with one last week and can send you some pictures of it if you wish.
How this one was is the owner dug down about 6 feet and built a 2 ft wide by 6 ft long against the home .
Now this home is about 200± from a control height river.He put in a sump pump and maintains the underground water about 18 inches below the basement floor. The home was very dry throughout. Home was about 25 years old . It showed previous water stains. The owner is dead but his brother talked to me for over 1 hour . The home was dry for its first 12 years and then suddenly 5 inches of water came in and after the dewatering system it has never had water again .
About 3 years ago I was called to a very expensive area near here and the Home owner did not have a any water in the Basement but it always showed high moister reading he had many come in and try to figure out how to lower his high humidity reading . He had three humidifiers running and it was OK.
This area is very flat and water leaves the ground very slow .
I recommended a few minor fixes around the home and to put in a moister out side at the rear .
He met me about 7 months later and said I was the only person to tell him how to fix his elevated moisture and he had followed my directions and the home was great no more dewatering system needed .
What I said was to put in outside 30 inch tiles down to 2 ft below the foundation and to put in a sump pump to maintain the water 12 inches below the Basement floor. He said his immediate neighbors loved me too.
Roy Cooke

Thank-you Roy!

Now that’s a good answer to a good question.