Is there an electrician who can proof this graphic for me please?

Download in hi-res by clicking bottom link on page.

Hi Nick,

there is more to this issue than you are showing, firstly some habitable spaces require fixed lighting rather than switched outlets, secondly; area like attics and crawl spaces also require lighting (and receptacles) if they contain servicable equipment (HVAC for example).



Okay, let’s talk about the difference between outlets and receptacles…

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I’m not an electrician … but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night :mrgreen:



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That’s really pretty simple, I think.

Outlets are any point where power is obtained for fixtures and appliances, including receptacles and lighting.

Receptacles are installed at outlets. . .

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Nice responses from from great inspectors. But what happened to the electricians that used to jump on questions like this within minutes?

We have a LIFE Mr. Currins…

Now since you all defined Outlets and Receptacles…understand that Receptacles are Devices. :wink:

I believe the attempt was to convey the requirements of 210.70 only. If I were to say add something then I would mention in regards to the RED area, not just storage but also “Equipment Space” as well.