Is there another name for the neutral from the pole to the mast?

Besides Broken?

Ouch. I hope that they have a city water piping system.

They do, but it appears to be a 10 gauge solid GEC. Home was built in 1964.

It’s called a “messenger”.

Well if the connections aren’t all corroded that might be just big enough to carry the unbalanced current and keep the voltages near 120 volts.

I refer to it as the service-neutral.

I would called it the grounded conductor being used a messenger cable.

That was the word I was looking for. In the report, I used Jeff’s description as the service neutral conductor (cable).

The messenger is the support cable.(just to be clear)

I have heard the word “common” before.

I still call it busted, and call the Power Company quick.

That electrical service should be turned off immediately! Loss of the neutral is a major cause of house fires. It should be reported to the electric utility company as a need for a emergency repair. As soon as they learn that it is a loss of neutral, they will usually dispatch someone immediately. I tell my clients to get the name of the person they speak with, record the time and date of the call and so on.

The home owner’s insurance company will want to subrogate against the utility company after the fire. They will also be willing to pay you to testify on their behalf as a witness of fact.

Thanks George well said .
Many do not understand how important the neutral is .

Double Taps with a neutral in house panel needs to be written up hard also .

… Roy

… ditto … :wink:

And the IRC calls is a “grounded bare messenger wire”

I was told the power company went over to repair this yesterday. I would like to revisit the property after the repair to listen to the service panel to determine if the buzzing stopped. It would be an interesting observation. I’ll see what I can do.