Is there anything you want a deal or discount on? I'll try to get us one.

Anything at all.

Yes a tall willowy blonde … with a nice car and big bank account to keep in the livestyle I have become acustom to! :slight_smile:

An asian lady of no more than 20 yrs in age, is very flexible, has access to concert tickets, a foul mouth, and likes a good spanking. Who also can whip up a damn fine general Tsao’s chicken. That would be sweet.

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Yes, how about some truly affordable E&O insurance??

It is interesting that an RE Agents office can obtain 1M/1M coverage for each Agent in their office (not much limit on the number of Agents covered) for under $1000 a year TOTAL!! Yet as an Inspector the best we can hope for with that range is $3000+.

Another interesting point is the Underwriters will tell you that Inspectors are a high risk. Not sure about any other state but if you check the stats for Texas there is an average of 8 disciplinary actions against Inspectors each year. Each month of that same year there are at least 10 - 15 serious charges against RE Agents. How did we become such a heavy liability as compared to Agents???

I can agree with that… We can use some really affordable E&O Insurance.

We can also use affordable Medical insurance.

In all seriousness, this is an excellent post.

I couldn’t agree more.

Medical insurance.

IR equipment - still too high for most markets - quality nothing to brag about

E & O insurance based on $$ income # of inspections so that cost is not so high for the new kid or the part timer

Poo-ie suites – $4.00 is too much

Remote video equipment for attics and craw spaces in the $200 area

Better deals on test equipment. – Trust me I know what it takes to build this junk – just because it is for our industry we are being taken to the cleaners

OR lets get some people together to adapt some off the shelf radio shack stuff - % of moisture is just resistance and or capacitance


Slowly becoming available in all states and Canada.

NACHI’s E&O saves me over 6 years’ of membership dues per year, alone.

I had been paying about 3k for 250,000 E&O w/2500 deductible.

This year, I went with NACHI’s ADRS system as a first line of defense, then followed by NACHI’s E&O, which runs me $1,800 a year for $500,000k and a 5000 deductible.

Savings: $1200.00 a year.
Slam-Dunk, NACHI Rocks!


Work with me here Nick. South Carolina does not have the E & O deal yet. Mine is up in August. I’m stuck with FREA for $3295.00. Way too high.
Thanks man.

A NACHI Credit Union…???

Nick G. wrote

I’ve attached my Towers and Perrin quote below for 1M/1M and $2500 deductible. Where’s the big discount? Let’s not forget that does not include the Texas taxes and fees which have not been added, which are not cheap either. As I said above $3000+!

Premium Estimation
Base Rate:
Premises Liability:
NACHI Discount:

Final Estimation:
$3,155 Premium

**Please Note: **This estimate does not include excess and surplus lines taxes and fees which may be required by your state. If such taxes are required, your final quote/binder will include these costs. Full payment is due within 30 days. A non-refundable minimum premium of 25% (plus taxes or fees, if any) is earned upon binding, even if you subsequently choose to cancel the policy.

Don’t get me started on Towers Perrin. I am way too angry right now and only have a week to fix it.

Wow, I guess I’ll just stay with FREA and be content.:neutral:


Hello all,

Are any of you thinking of attending the NACHI chapter meeting in Greenville, SC tomorrow?

If you can make it, we will have a team taking orders for the Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack and to sweeten the deal we will include in our gift envelope a newly-printed, US government-issued $20.00 bill (the real one with Jackson’s picture on it), which will cover the cost of attendance.

Yes, I realize it is a bit late for some of you to make plans, but this is the first time we have been to one of the chapter meetings…and I admit, when it comes to protocol, we are still in the learning mode.

This is a no strings attached offer. A Free Air Chek Radon Pro-Pack and your paid entrance fee ($20). Plus another discounted offer that those who are there will get a first chance to participate in. (A $100 off deal on home inspection software.)

We hope ALL you folks show up!

I would like to see a discount on Flir thermal cams. I saw there was one back in 05, but not lately.

every bit helps, Thanks

to know what really happened on the grassy knoll…:cool: :cool: :cool: