Is there demand for Energy Audits?

I’m trying to gauge demand for Energy Audits (more specifically- SouthEast region). Is there demand and is it profitable?
I would like to get some feedback on cost of start-up equipment, profitability, liability… from those of you who offer this service.

From the brief research I’ve done it appears the insulation contractors handle this in my area. Talk about “conflict of interest”.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Many have tried them I see very few are being done .
Frequently I see equipment for sale

The DOE has mentoring all screwed up right now. We have to first help them fix that.

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Fix is what we do to cats and dogs its going to need more than fixin;-)

Your gov’t tax dollars at work.

There was some demand for it back in the Obama days when energy costs skyrocketed and there were free handouts (e.g., the “cash for caulkers” boondoggle). I did some of the training and was going to pursue it, then discovered that the government program resembled a pyramid scheme more than anything else and I did not relish spending my time counting pot lights and plugging data into a program that gave stupid advice and made outlandish claims.

I quickly decided that I wanted no part of the scheme. That was some years ago, but I somehow doubt things have improved much.

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Sounds like it may not be profitable right now…
I want to offer another service. I’ve had my doors open for 4 yrs now. Steady inspections but looking for another income stream. Already do Radon. Any suggestions?

What we did when we got this way was raise our prices worked less made more money .
Others on this board have said they too liken the working less and Making more money .


If they would get rid of the stupid SIM training, I am sure many homes would be scored as we speak. But you can’t tell them. Developers are not end users and are generally, disconnected.

I spent hours with Internachi courses and the the government education. Got accepted and stopped right there. Could not find a mentor to help with the finish. That’s the dead end part.

On the retail end. Most people don’t see the value in it. If it becomes mandatory for home sales there might be opportunity.

Im glad someone asked this, Ive been wondering the same thing. I would suspect in places like California where Green Energy is a bigger deal, and there seems to be some money for it maybe. Does anyone have any specific geographic areas that have done well?

It’s starting to become more popular. It’ll be required in Portland (appx 1 million homes) on all real estate transactions starting January 2018. It’s also required in Berkely, CA. Other areas are starting the process of making it mandatory as well.

Power company offers this onsite for only $25.00

Some areas started out with a pilot program. They have been known to fade away there after.

I think it will fly when the EPA listens to InterNACHI.

So in other words, not anytime time soon.

I do a few a month for consumers who feel cold at home. They generally come through keywords like Blower Door Testing etc…

I depressurize the home and walk around with a thermal imager to detect air leakage. Give them a written report etc…

I charge $390 and they are generally very happy with the service.


Our local power company offers them for free. Then rebates if you improve/update your home.

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Ditto here, and then to rub salt in the wound, they raise their rates every year or two to insure their profits don’t diminish from everyone conserving energy!!