Is this a bad idea?

As the picture shows, the AC is damaged and I will report that. But, what about the overall idea of running the plumbing and electrical through the cabinet? Any issues with this besides the obvious of losing cabinet space? Safety concerns with electrical in a cabinet where you can reach your hand?

is there any open wires?

Yes the AC cable is damaged, But after it is repaired, is there still an issue?

That wiring should be protected. Run in conduit in that cabinet.

Extend that bx through the cabinet.

AC is not good enough protection?

It is a storage cabinet, and the Armored Cable has pulled apart from its connector meaning that it has already received some abuse, therefore, the EMT should continue through the cabinet closer to where the AC needs to connect to.

Note what you see and recommend repairs by a qualified licensed Electrician.:slight_smile:

Yes AC (armored cable) is OK.

In addition to correcting the Greenfield/AC, maybe suggest a building a removable back to the cabinet. You can pretty much guarrantee that the cabinet will be used for storage and thay will rest objects on top of the copper, EMT and flex.


Along those same lines, it looks like there’s maybe 6" or so from the cabinet door to the copper, etc.

Perhaps recommend not to use that for storage at all.

nuthin like pisspoor building techniques.:shock:
Most cabinets I’ve seen, have a toe kick area at their base,(which happens to be hollow)
I think they should have gone through the hollow open space BELOW the cabinet.
But Nooooo, we gotta go in a straight line and destroy the whole cabinet…sheesh:roll:

What kind of room was this in? Seems someone went through a lot of effort to thread those materials through the holes (after the room was painted). :slight_smile:

Rick, this is in a condo, kitchen. The site of the old Lexington hotel, Al Capone’s old hang out. Yeah it seems the client will lose this storage space, but maybe can use it for small objects. I thought it was a bad place to put the plumbing.

Rumor has it that place is haunted.

I don’t know if it is haunted, but I have heard that rumor. They demo’d the old building and rebuilt, so maybe the ghosts will leave now.