Is this a doable fix...

or not?

No real inspection question here but a friend of mine has an open neutral between outlets in his garage. Would it be advisable to just run a saw kerf between them, push in a strand of THNN, tape, float and call it a day or bad move?

Thhn needs to be in an approved conduit. Or wireway. He could use wiremold.

What about solid conductor?

you don’t want to run a neutral and a hot in separate conduits.


Beside is being something that is not allowed, I would not advise him to do that method. The best thing to do is try to determine where the break in the neutral first. It is very rare to have a break in a neutral within the wall cavity itself so the problem may be in a junction above the garage so I would have him check that as well.

If your buddy plans on opening up the wall between the two receptacles anyway....would be better off just pulling a new NM Cable and notching out the studs ( protecting with nail plates afterwards ) patching and mudding and would take about the same time frame.

This would be an acceptacle method to fix the problem.

However do not rule out a possible splice joint somewhere in in a junction between the two outlets…might not be but never rule out anything as it sounds like a joint that has come loose…also pull BOTH receptacles OFF the circuit in question ( de-energize ) and do a verified conti. test between the Black and White ( if romex ) by twisting one ends Black and white together and verify cont. from the other open end…may just be a receptacle issue.

Perfect. Thanks all.