Is this a Gas vent

Came across this today I am thinking it is a vent. I was wondering why the piece of copper tubing runs directly into the ground did not see any evidence of it terminating anywhere. Any Ideas

Since there is a shut-off valve, is there a gas grill or gas light in the area?

none seen

Copper is not allowed in most jurisdictions for natural gas.

That’s probably what it is. If there isn’t a light or grill then it’s more than likely abandoned.

There is a shut-off, so it’s obviously a gas supply line. I’d be recommending a Plumber to terminate (cap) this supply if it were my inspection.

Agree. And if it’s an abandoned line, it looks like the valve is in the open position.

Copper is used here in the South for gas. I also would think it would be for a grill or light.


Please tell me how you know if that square shut-off is open or closed?

Cause I can smell gas:p … actually my eyes are playing tricks on me. Looked like it was rectangle shut-off and in-line with the pipe… until I looked at it @400%. My bad.

I thought it looked open also.

No problem with copper in MN and WI.

It’s either to a grill or a gas light.

What would the purpose of a vent on the gas supply line be?

Are you referring to the regulator relief vent?

If so, most residential natural gas regulators employ a standard internal relief valve, allowing regulators to vent to atmosphere in an over-pressure situation.

No vent…Ka-boom

No…was referring to why he would think that a vent would be plumbed into the supply lines. There is no purpose for such a thing much like there is not a vent installed in the water supply lines. Regulators and pressure reliefs are something obvious that we could more than likely determine their purpose if we saw a strange looking one.

Some old water heater installations were set up with that type of hook up before black iron piping was mandated.