Is this a grounding rod?

Photographed as is - I did not open this. Red, black and green heading into the ground. Sorry for swiveled images.

No it is not a grounding rod.

I don’t think so, it’s supplying electricity to somewhere via that underground conduit.


Did you open the box it’s connected to?


Not yet. I can.

Looks like it is 240 Volt This could be feeding a well.

It is the branch circuit feeding the pool pump. 240V 25A. Coming from the ground. The panel is right behind the wall. I wonder why the went subterranean?

Google electrical grounding rods, it will help you understand what they do and what they look like…

Thanks - I was expecting rebar or something solid core if it was a grounding rod but the fact that they ran underground when the panel is right on the other side of the wall threw me.

as Mike clearly stated it isn’t a grounding rod.where did you get your inspector training? Just askin:)

Electrical feed to something… yard light, pool pump, shed, ect, ect.

Nice down spout placement

Ok, I was slightly harsh on a student and it not my nature as you all know I like teaching students and have to over 25,000 in my time.

Dear student - This not a ground rod, while section 250.52(A)(5) doe say " Rod and Pipe Electrodes" this image simply shows a LFNC- Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit [NEC 356] installed with branch circuits to a remote location.

While pipes can be used in accordance with 250.52(A)(5) but not a nonmetallic conduit…lol…it needs to meet all of the requirements as the aforementioned code references.