Is this a hot spring?

I was way out in the mountains the other night when I noticed a glow. It turned out to be a stream of water. The ground was snow covered with the temperature in the single digits.

What’s odd is even though the air temperature was around 7 degrees, this stream was 50 degrees and got warmer by 10 degrees as it flowed. Wouldn’t that classify this as a hot spring?

Just down the road from my house, we have some hot spring tubs on the side of a river that stay over 110 degrees year around. If I would’ve been born before heaters, I would have lived out every miserable Utah winter in a hot tub while catching and eating raw fish from the river. Actually if business doesn’t pick up this year, I might still end up living in one:(



By the garden hose in the third, fourth and fifth pic, it looks as if someone is draining their waterbed or aquarium.

Our area is filled with hot springs. There is a nice one about 2 hours up I-15 at Lava Hot Springs that has pools from about 120-140 degrees.

Yeah that water hose does seem to cheapen the look but it appears to be the best way to direct the water from the above streams into the tubs.

I honestly wouldn’t ever dream of getting in that particular tub. From what I’ve been told, most all cities have a designated “gay spot” weather it be a truck stop, park, or lake, and unfortunately this is Ogden’s gay pool.

Supposedly if your looking for a little man on man action than you can make your way down to the hot springs around midnight. It sucks I can’t find a similar pool where lesbians meet at midnight hahaha:mrgreen:

Lesbians don’t like hoses.:wink:

Brandon, your homework assignment is to tell us why the temperature is higher as it flows along the ground… ?

Cool scans!

Brandon, how do you know where the man action is???

He must of seen you there ( Sean) lol

Brandon, what camera are these taken with?

Fluke Ti32 with the wide-angle. I never take the wide-angle off. I have no idea how folks make it without one