Is this a job we can do?

Client text me this:

I had flooding a 2019, insurance paid and now they want a repair report

It’s not a home inspection. However if you have the knowledge to be able to do that go for it

Thank you for your prompt response Mr. Lewis.
I do have the knowledge and expertise.
How do I create a report? What can I charge for it?

And yet you’re asking here? :slight_smile: come on!

Be careful! insurance carriers normally don’t pay without some sort of assessment! I would first ask the client why they need such report. Normally people just hire a contractor to get a quote to perform the necessary restoration.


As I said to the kids for many years… I don’t know… CAN you?

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Do your report like you normally do… And if you’re me I charge the most I can get. Soaked them.


Is it flood insurance or FEMA assistance?

Thank you all.

Generally my question is how do I write that report up?
No form that I know of to do it with

You wrote reports in school; didn’t you? Same thing, use your letterhead, sign and date. An inspection report says what you inspected, how you inspected it, and what your observations revealed. Supply photos on separate copy if requested. Personally I don’t see why a paid invoice from the company that did the work wouldn’t work.

I would find out what repairs the insurance covered, limit the inspection to those. Then in your software you can delete or hide the other items and produce a limited report. Make sure to be very specific in your agreement and report what the scope of work is. Might have to delete some generic parts of the report if they include verbiage about SOP

First, you need to agree upon scope of work. Example

  1. What will you inspect? (Interior finishes, not full home inspection)
  2. How will you inspect? (Visually)
  3. How will you report? (Photos, one page summary etc)

So, find out who the client is, what they want done and give them a price.

He called me on the phone this morning ,and I got him on track.

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Get your hands on a real engineering report and use MS Word.

If you know how to do the inspection, and have the proper tools to do it, would the results of testing not go in the report, weather there are issues or not?