Is this a material defect in this foundation

Would this be considered a material defect? How could this be described?

(I’m still going through the course for the first time)

Well, what is holding up that wall? is it magically floating in the air? is it a load-bearing wall? that needs to transfer its loads to the ground below.


For additional context, this is in Florida. It’s a single family, 2-story, CBS. What’s shown here is about a 8’ wide, 10" high, and about 1’ deep and tapers off as you go deeper void in a 50’ section of wall. I imagine that it’s load baring because its an exterior wall of the main structure.

It’s called “slab on grade” not “slab on air” foundation.

No one can state with any certainty what caused it, could have been erosion, broken water line (potable or irrigation), landscaping gone bad and then removed, dog digging the yard, etc.etc.

Describe it as you see it, for example, a section of the home’s foundation lacks proper support and needs repair by XYZ…

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What they said. So to answer your first question in a word— YES.

There appears to be a footing under that is in tact. If this is the case, what you might be looking at is the remains of a patio that someone had poured up to the foundation and later chipped it away. So, if I am correct and the house foundation and footing are there, it’s just soil erosion that should be filled in and compacted.

Foundation undermining.

You see a footing? Where? I see an exterior wall, where would this footing be if not right under where the soil is missing?

Is it near a river?