Is this a material defect or should they have used conduit?

Forget it, I never get a straight answer on this forum

I would refrain from mentioning the legality of things at inspections, technically yes it’s legal, no one will be arrested for it.

It should have conduit or sleeving when passing through the concrete though.


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I think you know what I meant by legal, is it a material defect?

What do you perceive to be the issue?

Done that way all of the time around here without issue.


This is only your third thread on this MB, and from what I see of your other posts, you need to grow the hell up!!

Figures… just wanna take your ball and go home!

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There are many knowledgeable people on this forum who can help but with that attitude it sounds like this forum may not be a good fit for you.


One response and they get their underwear in a bunch? And in a couple of threads too. I hear snowflakes melting.


That’s because most of the guys that are regulars are egotistical narcissists that only want to prove how much smarter they are than everyone else. They’re still arguing about face masks and vaccines.

If you have electrical related questions I would not make enemies with Robert M or Jim M.

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How would we know that?

I think it was important to clarify “Legal” first then move onto your question.

It was a good question.

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What does that mean?

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I was recommending to the OP to trust and respect your insights and contribution to the forum. It was also meant to be a compliment.

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But came out as being ‘vengeful’!

…egotistical narcissism with paranoia.

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I didn’t mean to come off as facetious.

Our job and the things we are asked or talk about are taken literally.

I answered your question directly and honestly, so much so that you edited the title of your post to mirror what I said.

Just trying to help you out without giving you too much grief man.

Good luck.