Is this a monitoring device?

I encountered this on an inspection yesterday and, besides being a trip hazard, I am not sure what this is. This is the main gas line into the home and this was attached. I could not tell if it tapped into the line.

Thank you in advance for you kind help!

what does the label on the front say ? then just google it.

it only looks like it is attached to the pipe, not tapped into it. as if it was I would think it would leak.
It is more then likely a remote meter reading device for the utility company. as the meter is more then likely in the basement.

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There is a gas meter on the opposite side of the house. I expect you are correct that it is a remote meter. Thank you for your response.


^^^ This ^^^

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Thank you Jeffrey.

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Either way, regardless of the device, that is one of the worst layouts for a tripping hazard seen with an intentional routing of the supply.