Is this a pressure tank but why?

First of all…Hello all! New member here and first post even! I’m a new inspector…back ground in construction on days off as firefighter and city building code inspector for nearly 20 years prior of recent retirement. I’ve decided to start a business as a home inspector.

SO Im doing a mock inspection for certification and apparently already over my head on my first one! (hopefully I can post the picture correctly)
Here is the history…home built in 1993…public water was available at time of construction. No history for there ever to be a well. Water was off at time of inspection… neighbors say they all have good water pressure from public system…
This picture shows a pressure type tank, enclosed in a solid insulated enclosure at the back corner of the garage. No electric going to it…no air chuck visible…unknown bladder in tank…water lines going to it…the enclosure hasnt been opened in years.
Just never seen a pressure tank like this nor a need for one at the address. Insight? Thanks Brad

Hydronic heat in the home or garage? Seems a bit over sized though.

Need better pics, especially of the top.

Looks abandoned, I can see holes in it.

From here it looks more like a storage tank than a pressure tank. And as already noted it looks abandoned.

Fairly modern use. I see CPVC.

Yeah I dont have any trouble believing its abandoned but it just made me scratch my head. Thats the only picture I snaped of it. Above it, in the attic was this box…

Welcome to our forum, Bradley!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

I agree, as already noted it looks abandoned.

Looks like something to a water filtering, or softener system