Is this a problem? Gaps where the beam hits the roof!

Doing this home owner’s 11 month warranty inspection. You can see where the beams go into the roof there is a decent gap. Is this a moisture intrusion problem or just cosmetic? First glance I would say it’s not moisture intrusion issue since you have soffit vents. If anything, this lets whatever space up there (this is roof overhanging a deck so no attic access) breath and vent a little.

Is there another reason I should write this up outside of water intrusion that I’m not thinking about? Insects?

It’s important in this particular case I differentiate the difference between an actual issue and something that is cosmetic.

Thank you all for your help, you all are amazing!

Just sloppy workmanship on the installer.
No problem at all. 450,000 honeybees were inside a Pennsylvania home and have now been rehomed - CNN LOL


Agree with @mcyr . Just an avenue for insects or rodents. You would be surprised what little space mice can fit through. Caulking or additional trim would help.

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One word. Trim.


Actually two…missing


Possible wood shrinkage.

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Hate when that happens.


Got a question, was this condition present when you did first inspection? :thinking:

I did not do the first inspection.