Is this a proper way to deal with a light bulb in a closet?

I think it’s fine:


This from Falling Waters, a home designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright:

Here is a famous and possibly apocryphal story about his notoriously leaky roofs.

A client was having a dinner party to show off his newly commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright house and a leak sprouted over the dining table.
The irate homeowner called the architect to inform him and what to do about this predicament.
Lloyd Wright simply replied, “Move the table”.

Only a dim wit would do this…

Don’t you mean a “dim bulb”? :wink:

I’ll tell you what. I personally except in the above picture tell clients when they have exposed bulbs they should switch to cree silicone coated led’s , or something similar. No danger if they break. I think this should be made a allowable way to fix the ever so common exposed bulbs in closets and such. If there is no glass that is going to shatter like there would be in most globes and no gasses like in fluorescents they in fact are Safer. I’ll await all the reasons I am wrong now and read them when I return :slight_smile:

I would have rounded the corner in that notch.

Shouldn’t closet doors open out?



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I’d suggest a pocket door !!!

I would replace with a high hat