Is this a real PIC of the ASHI restroom?

And they wonder why only the very stupid joins them anymore LOL:D !

Too funny Nick,

I had forgotten about that :mrgreen:



What isn’t too funny is that the consumer restroom is underneath the Candidate’s. ASHI is a no-entrance-requirements-whatsoever diploma mill that encourages their come only with cash Candidates to go out and do a certain number of actual inspections for poor, unsuspecting consumers as the only way to reach fool membership.

Here is a link that ain’t as funny, in fact it is unconsionable:

“I also understand that until I receive written notice from ASHI that I have officially been accepted as a MEMBER (or Candidate with Logo Use Privileges), I may not and will not use the ASHI name or logo to advertise, or imply in any promotional material that I am affiliated with ASHI. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, all Yellow Page directory advertising, company brochures, internet website, stationery, and resumes. I fully understand and agree that if I violate this Society…”

I did not see this part when I first checked out the site, now… Why would I spend my hard earned money to be affiliated with an organization who won’t acknowledge that I am a member???
( I guess they want to make sure my check clears the bank)

btw: I like the pic. I really needed a good laugh tonight
Thanks Nick

You’re welcome. Created a couple years back when we were the underdogs. Not as fun sometimes now that we rule. Everyone too serious these days.

Puts a new meaning on “flipping over the outhouse”, huh, Nick?