Is this a Scam?

Greetings all,

I received the original email from the nachi find an inspector service.
Her response to my quote. Your opinions are appreciated

On Saturday, May 30, 2015,

Hello ,

 Thanks for the quote. I am OK with the quote and i would have everything put in place for the inspection,first of all i will like 

you to know that the house if for sale by the owner and not by realtor,I will like you to know the house is still occupied and it will be vacant next weekend,I want you to know that the caretaker will send you the key and you can go there for the inspection,i need you to send me your full name and office address and a valid phone number as requested by the caretaker he would need it to contact you to schedule the inspection and get the house keys to your office immediately they receive their balance,I will like to know what kind of credit cards you accept for payment so i can make the payment asap,I would have to seek a little favor from you and i would be happy if you can be able to grant me the favor i seek from you.Due to my present health condition,i would provide you my credit card details for you to charge for the total cost of the service and also i would like you to charge an extra sum of $ which would be used to balance up fees for the house,I am sorry if i am asking for too much but i would have forwarded the balance to him myself but i am held down with health issues right now and am still at the hospital and the seller stated he wants the balance by bank transfer that’s why i am seeking your favor on this,i would be willing to compensate you if you can assist me on this.

Your urgent response would be appreciated.

Warm Regards

Uh, yes…

Yea really bad grammar too������������

Try out the “Search” function at the top of this page.

Here’s one result:

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Yea really bad grammar too​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::boom:

It worked for me. Pays well.

Too funny

We are going to have 7 different threads on this one too.

Yes, I was hit up last month.

The scammer is using the inachi inspector search to spam!
I forwarded the stuff to inachi last month.

What should Nick do?

I got the exact same thing ---- Individual goes by the name of Cynthia Scott…It is a big scam, but I’m playing along for fun …hehe

I got one last Month also. I played along as the writer stated they were in the Hospital and needed me to take care of the inspection , additional funds etc. The property they sent me was a vacant lot. I told them I would come to the hospital and finalize the deal among other things. Never heard back lol.

I thought it was a deaf guy last one I saw :slight_smile:

Request a cut?

Request…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, got the same email on Monday…Cynthia Scott!!!

They’re using other sites as well.
Can’t complain about nachi ‘find an inspector service’ it’s paid my membership and insurance.

Mine came in a text. Name was Jay Smart. I was really busy, and I just said “no.”

He kept asking if I could suggest someone, so I told him no, that all the home inspectors on all the mb’s have heard the scam, and won’t participate. He’d be best to target a brand new inspector who doesn’t know any better.

No more texts.

I got mine, I believe she is hitting all Florida inspectors, Hope someone doesn’t fall for it.