Is this a single phase or a 3-phase service?

Attached are a picture of the service drop and the main panel breakers.

How can one tell the difference between a single and a 3-phase service? It’s a residence with commercial zoning.

You are only showing two hots and a neutral. How do you think this could be three phase?




I see ASHI logos No NACHI

Don’t they have a forum?

And what ever happened to enforcing logo use as a NACHI inspector?

You may want to go through some free online electrical courses that nachi has to offer. They should explain the basics of single and 3 phase electrical systems.

This is indeed a single phase service. 3 wires at the weather head, one has white tap, 3 wires at the box one with white tap, and further a Homeline panel that does not come in 3 phase to my knowledge.