Is this a water heater or fuel storage tank?

In a difficult-to-access cellar in the front yard of a home that’s built in 1958 was what appeared to be an abandoned water heater, abandoned water service line with shutoff and abandoned electrical panel.

However, is it really an abandoned water heater, or an abandoned fuel storage tank?

Possibly an old well pressure tank.


what He said…

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Yes, I could see that this may have PREVIOUSLY been an old well pump location. The property is currently on City water.

“Large is cut in
Loosen to lower
Small is cut out
Loosen to lower”

Well tank.


What were the references to large and small written on there talking about? Probably talking about some nuts to adjust valves that regulate when the pressure cuts on and off to the tank.
When you say ‘well tank’, are you talking about a pressure tank?

Definitely looks like a well tank. I believe, through all the dirt I even see the air pressure valve on the top where you set the air for the bladder pressure. And yes, the Large is cut in Loosen to lower etc. is talking about the pressure switch - watch this helpful video if your not familiar with a well tank pressure switch setting: How to Adjust a Water Well System Pressure Switch and Bladder Tank - Well Pump Diagnostics - YouTube

Thank you for the help, Gregg.

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That tank probably does not have a bladder. It is most likely air over water in a single tank.

See 3 different types of water pressure tanks here:


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Old school Water Holding/ Pressure Tank for well water!

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