Is this acceptable?

Kitchen vent hood flue connected to the furnace flue in the attic. Is this ok? This is not original to the house, it used to have a downdraft. Kitchen was rehabed and the owner want a vent hood and this is how it was done.

Your comments would be appreciated.


NO !

Extremely hazardous!

I did not think it was acceptable but I have never came across something like this before.

Besides possible fumes working into the kitchen, what other hazards would there be?

CO poisoning is the biggest concern with any improperly vented gas appliance.

The upper section of that vent also appears to be a single-wall vent rather than a B-vent (double-wall), which would also be improper.

I guess that beats putting another hole through the roof :smiley:

I think that vent is as good a way to reduce the popuplation in calif as any other way. May not thou that could be labled cruel and unsual punishment

Thanks guys!! The more I digest this finding, the more issues I am discovering.

Didnt take me long to digest that one. Wow! :shock:

May the Mickey Mouse Contractors of Construction in the U.S.:mrgreen: come forward so we can shoot them before they hurt innocent people.